Gifts for Change

Give a gift with the power to transform lives


What is a Gift for Change?

A Gift for Change allows you to replace a traditional present with the gift of nourishment, independence, education and empowerment. Your gift will create change for women, men and children who suffer the indignity of poverty and injustice.

Gifts for Independence

No-one should be denied a home or independence due to disability. Your gift will restore dignity and give independence to men, women and children living in the margins.


Gifts for Education

Education can break the cycle of poverty for the world's most vulnerable families. Your gift will give children the tools they need to build brighter futures.


Gifts for Nourishment

In a world that has so much, many struggle every day for food and water. We cannot do nothing whilst the poorest among us go hungry and thirsty.


Gifts for Emergency Response

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